Design for Sukha, a drink company

Savor the joy of ethical and sustainable coffee and tea with Sukha! Our collection of energizing simple and butter brews is crafted to uplift you throughout the day with ease. But we don’t stop there. By working with Tibetan nomads, we stand against the exploitation of their land and support organic farmers and fair trade in Tibet. Each sip of our natural brews is not only delicious but also a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. So, bring joy to your cup with Sukha and taste the difference between pure, blissful, and responsible coffee and tea.

A tote bag of Sukha
A T-shirt of Sukha, the simplicity describe the company branding
A take out box

These are the drafts of how I created the icon. It is a big challenge to make a company to stand out. I tried to use some negative space to create how a coffee and tea cup looks like. In the color selection, I put up some color that is related the butter, pocha, tea, coffee, and some sharp color to catch the audience attention.

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